Meal Ideas and Tulum, Mexico Recap

If it weren't for my amazing husband and kids (and friends) : ) I would have stayed in Tulum, Mexico. I will post pictures of the food/restaurants at the bottom in case you are interested in seeing some of those but will move on to meal ideas-
I don't stick to all of them on each day- sometimes move them around but I NEED A GAME PLAN or else I get hangry and throw things together- which sometimes works out and sometimes fails...


We had friends over for lunch after church and I made this a day ahead to not run around the whole time and enjoy them! 

Also made some Lemon Blueberry Loaf Cake

Had some oranges and lunch done! Also, I won't need to cook tonight and just have left-overs! 


Because I love taquitos and guacamole- I am doing this one- I love that there is shredded zucchini in these. The kids know it is there and don't seem to mind it- not too long to pull together at all. 

Not a great picture, but so yummy and guac makes everything better! 
Serve with what you want- go easy- some fruit or raw veggies! 

Tuesday night- 

In honor of watching the Olympics and Usain Bolt, I made this for us spur of the moment last weekend- I love that it is cooked in coconut milk. 

We pulled out some Jamaican facts and learned a little more about the country. 

Wednesday night- 

So, we are getting together with our Nicaraguan mission team to catch up and hear how our lives are going- Ben thought of a Baked Potato night-
Y'all, this would be good to do on a regular basis- just bake your potato- easy- 
And top with whatever toppings you want! 
We will do chili, maybe a BBQ meat, broccoli, onions, etc....

Thursday night- 

Junk salad night- Every week needs one of these! 
Throw a mix of whatever protein you want, roasted veggies, something crunchy- sunflower seeds, cassava chips, some pickled veggies- WHATEVER. I like a mixture of different textures and flavors. It helps to use whatever you want in your fridge..

Friday night- 

Probably will do breakfast for dinner- but here is a bonus recipe for ideas for y'all! 

Ground Beef Butternut Squash Breakfast Skillet | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Have a great week! 

Onto Mexico restaurants/food if you are interested- keep scrolling! 

Thursday night- Ziggy's Restaurant (at our hotel) This was our view- on the beach- yes please. 

Grilled Octopus on Black Bean Puree, Avocado, Radish, etc...

Ziggy's Restaurant (for breakfast too)
Chicken Enchiladas and smoothie -this was my sister's

Mine was a roasted veggie quinoa (with sweet potatoes and plantains) with toasted coconut on top- not pictures was my ginger papaya smoothie (sooooo good!)

Posada Margherita- 

An AMAZING restaurant on the beach- this is red snapper with mushrooms in a wine sauce, rice, orange and fennel salad...*sigh*

A watermelon juice- this place KILLS it with the juices and smoothies- I wish someone would whip me up one right now! 

Fresco's- another place at our hotel- 
Gluten free bread with almond butter- 
Oat, date, and something else smoothie- whatever it was, it was GOOD. 

My sister got avocado, goat cheese and tomato toast- 

Next up, 
My best friend Whitney recommended this place. She looked up places and this one had incredible reviews so we made a reservation. It did not disappoint. 

Ceviche- we had LOTS of this on the trip. They love their ceviche. 

This was my sister's fish- I can't remember what she got but she loved it. 

Tracy got the ribs and said they were amazing- side of sweet potatoes, which were the best sweet potatoes I have ever had- I don't know what the heck they did but it was good. Caramelized skins...

Ziggy's Restaurant (for breakfast again)- 
I got the Mayan breakfast- beans, root mash, plantains, corn tortillas with eggs, cheese, ham, peas, etc...It was too much food for me but glad I tried it. 

Some more ceviche during the day- this one had octopus, shrimp and fish- 

Casa Banana- Easily our fave place- great setting and lots of lit candles everywhere! 
Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese, Almonds, Vinaigrette

Sampler platter- Eggplant, Empanadas, Fried cheese, meats...

Fresco's (again)
Gluten free bread with brie and blueberry jam

Gluten free bread with apples, bacon, cream cheese- Tracy got this, loved it and am going to recreate this at home somehow! 

Cenzontle- Secret Garden

Duck Confit tacos

Phenomenal trip- 
I was determined to drink out of a coconut- the coconut water- Check! 


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