Meals + Winter Break!

So! These are the meals from last week- life is ratcheting up with Luke starting flag football at his school.  Tuesday and Thursdays after school pick-up we kill time until 5:00 p.m. and then it will be over at 7:00 will make our regular evening dinners challenging so I am reeeeeally going to have to be organized with meal planning.  Especially make-ahead meals that we can bring with us! 

Here were our last weeks meals...haven't planned for next week but I will get to that-I hope : )

My fave thing I had this week....Thai Iced Tea!

Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes
This is sooo good and easy.  Ready in no time at all!
This is Pioneer Woman's picture- seriously, sloppy joes are not super photogenic, but she does great with photography as always...

Below is my pic : /

Whipped up this Egg Roll Soup last week, in case you missed it! 

Next, made some really big "junk" salads one night- and made a batch of 5 Minute Magic Green Sauce, for dressing and just to put on anything throughout the week- eggs, rice, etc...

For a crazy night, just made my Potato and Sausage Hash except I used ground turkey and red onions and only sweet potatoes- HIGHLY customizable recipe! AND I used the 5 minute magic green sauce on top.  

Onto baking- made this Spiced Zucchini Bread from Heather Christo's Blog.  It was so good!!! It is gluten free + vegan.  

Made these Flourless Chocolate Blender Pancakes for breakfast during the week- good but not sure if I will make these again.  The kids wanted chocolate pancakes but they were hoping for regular pancakes with chocolate chips IN them- terrible pic! I don't have good natural lighting in our house! 

Just made Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chickpea Bars to take to a friend's house tonight! Some of our BFF's are having us over for dinner tonight and I thought I would try these. I am not telling ANYONE what is in these and see what they think- 

One of the BEST meals we had this week was last night! Our friend Mark had our family over for dinner, which melts my heart every time! A single guy, in a one bedroom apartment, has our family over and cooks for us! It blesses me to no end and he sent us home with leftovers.  Ladies, this one is a keeper if you can snag him : ) 
Cedar Planked Grilled Salmon

Complete with brown rice, steamed veggies and some yummy dill, mustard, hot sauce, etc...sauce

He made Rice Krispie treats for us AND Thai Iced Tea! 

Have a great week! Keep scrolling if you wanted to see a taste of winter break- lots of friend time, relaxing and of course, having adventures!  

Took my buddy hiking! Always a good, much needed time for us to chat and just have fun! 

This boy loves to read- again after my own heart, so we do lots of Barnes and Noble dates! 

Birthday celebration at Yeah! Burger in Atlanta- yum. AND kids eat free Monday night if you are local and enjoy free food for your kids like I do! 

Lego Batman movie! 

On the road to FL- a quick trip.  It was our Christmas gift to the kids- we are attempting to do "experience based " gifts.  

Stayed with "Aunt" Eva and her husband- college and life BFF : ) 


Eve was completely traumatized from the first ride- the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- she cried through most of it- oops. 

Was able to recover with a princess visit! 

Luke got fancy with writing his name in cursive! 

In Miniland, they had already switched the president/vice presidents ! I thought that was funny- they are on it! 

This is how our Legoland day ended... womp womp.  A dead car- thankfully we got a jump and were on our way to sit in LOTS of traffic and then Eve proceeded to get a nose bleed in the car *sigh*

BUT Ben's aunt, who is an amazing cook, had an amazing dinner that I didn't take a pic of because were were starving when we got there and she had made chocolate mousse and wine...THAT is the way to end a long park day.

Got to see another college friend!!! 

Ended the day on Park Avenue- one of my favorite areas in Orlando- ate at Maestro's with Ben's aunt, uncle and one of his cousins. WE LOVE THEM and it was great to get time with them! 

The end. 


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