Vacation from Regular Life!

So, last week I decided to take a vacation from life! So, if it wasn't a "have-to", it didn't happen.  I feel like life is crazy and I don't want to just run around and feel like a hamster on a wheel and I realized, I have control over what we say "yes" and "no" to.

Between Luke's flag football, our church small group, Luke's piano, school,...all good things I might feels like there isn't much room to breathe so we took a break and it was fabulous! We will definitely need to do that throughout the year.  We still did flag football but other than that, we chilled for the most part!

Onto meals!

Pioneer Woman's BBQ Chicken Pizza
Here is the link to my fave pizza dough- It makes two portions, so I freeze the other one and just pull it out and thaw it when we need it.

Meatloaf Muffins from Danielle Walker's Against All Grain cookbook- 
So, I hate to share this one because I can't share the recipe : / There are a bunch of recipes that she chooses not to share online so you have to buy her cookbooks (which are worth it!) but if you want to take your favorite meatloaf recipe and put it in a muffin pan, that is the idea! Top with what you would like! 
*ketchup*mashed potatoes*cauliflower mash* or in my case *mashed sweet potatoes* 

*Danielle Walker's Against All Grain Blog"
Super yummy- I served over brown rice...

*Minimalist Baker Blog"
I actually had this for breakfast a few mornings- I added bacon though because bacon makes everything better! : ) 

Ben takes surveys online (so do I) and we get extra Amazon money from them, which is awesome but he also does one that he will occasionally get Whole Foods gifts cards for! YES! I bought these St. Louis Ribs last week and these were sooooo good.  Only problem is you have to be home because you are using your oven for 3-4 hours! However, I have heard the Instant Pot turns out some ribs quickly, so there ya go! 

Had with a side of - 
Roasted Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts
*Preheat oven to 450 degrees *Trim and halve brussels sprouts* cut cauliflower into florets* place all in a bowl and coat with olive oil, salt and pepper* then transfer to a sheet pan - I divided into two pans to have a single layer in both* roast for 20-30 minutes- stir once* they are finished when nice and beautifully caramelized! 

SO! I have been obsessed with kale pakoras ever since I had them at Chai Pani in Decatur- these are amazing.  Decatur is not close BUT my neighbor has the pot/skillet that you use to make these and she came over Monday and we cooked these together- they turned out so well! I ate MOST of them that day---I saved a few for Ben---
I recognize these are not your everyday items to cook but just thought I would throw out something different! 
*It seems you can really customize these- I didn't use the mango powder, green chili, or carom seed.  FYI, gram or besan flour is garbanzo/chickpea flour. 

*Fork and Beans Blog*
Made these for easy breakfast items to grab in the morning and also made...

*Joy the Baker Blog*
...this granola- easy to have for the morning as well! I add raisins at the end and don't use the cocoa nibs. 

Keep scrolling for life lately! 

Every Saturday I hit up the Farmer's Market and go to the stand called Thrive- y'all! I love this stand! I have gotten their cauliflower crust pizza the past two Saturdays for my lunch! Their food is just so pretty!! 

Local honey sticks! The kids were focused on the task of getting the honey out : ) 

A relaxing morning - Barnes and Noble with tea, snacks, magazine reading, journaling, etc...

Luke begs us to take him to Taqueria Tsunami on the Marietta Square- he just loves it and so we went last weekend.  His favorite is the yuca fries! 

Met up with my girl Michelle at Ponce City Market this past week for dinner- so refreshing to my soul! She lived in Orlando when we did and I knew her before I even met Ben. I love having a friend here that I have history with.  She is so fun and a major blessing to all around her! 

We ate at Botiwalla at Ponce City Market- an Indian cuisine- I had the lamb salad- I am sure there is a more glam name for it!! 

A lunch date with my man! There is a small window one day a week that Ben and I can meet up and don't need a babysitter so we took advantage of it. 

Ate at The Local on the Marietta Square- I love their veggie plate- I am not sure that cheese grits qualifies as veggies but whatev ; ) 

This new market called Nature's Pick Market just opened in Marietta and we went on the first day it opened on Friday- it is bright and a great atmosphere inside BUT it is expensive. I want to want to shop there but the prices are high for me...the BEST part of this place is local kombucha on tap- whaaaaat? So, I proceeded to get a growler of it! 

Had a park date with my sweet friend- friends who drink kombucha together ! 

 Y'all, have a great week- say "no" to take a break if you need to! Not that you need me to tell you that, but it was so freeing!


  1. Can't wait to try these recipes!! All would be a hit around here I think, except for the cauliflower one. I forgot about PW's pizza - used to make that one quite a bit!

    1. I do that too! I forget about things that I used to make! And yes, Ben picks around the cauliflower for the brussels sprouts- he is not a fan. AND this dish can stink up your house : )

    2. I just picked up a recipe that screams Stinky!! Cajun Roasted Garbanzo Beans. takes an overnight prep and I haven't done it yet but I'm all over it. We must compare notes :) ill send your way.

    3. Yes! Please send my way--do you have to soak the beans?


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