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Summer Goodies! Meals + Treats

Another hodge-podge of a post with different snacks, desserts and meal ideas...keeping it simple over here- lots of grilling and simple sides!  First one needs no explanation- just a delish s'mores !  We took the kids to a cabin in the Blue Ridge, GA area for the weekend and it was lovely- of course, these had to happen while we were there!  Here is my disclaimer with this post--- we get a big Costco check each year and with it we stock up on meats we don't normally buy- the filet mignon, flank steak, frenched lamb, etc...we are not eating this super often and don't buy it much!  Filet mignon, mashed potatoes and side salad- This was Father's Day dinner- we brought out the fancy stuff : ) !  And Ben loves mashed potatoes and I don't make them a whole lot- he was a happy camper.  How to Grill a Perfect Filet Mignon Basic Mashed Potatoes NOTHING fancy about the mashed potatoes- really just some butter and I actually used almond milk becau

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