Meal plan for 2/6-2/12

Saturday night- 
We usually take the kids to a new, fun restaurant in Atlanta and this one did not disappoint!
Doc Chey's- Grant Park
Not sure what is up with Eve's face but she loved her fried rice, Luke loved his Lo Mein, Ben got Japanese Teriyaki udon noodles, and I was digging my veggie pad thai...

Sunday night- 
SUPER BOWL! Woot! We are going to our friend's house to watch the Super Bowl, which we have done every year since moving to Georgia- I think this is the 5th year in a row with these friends!
I like bringing a healthy option (for me typically) to balance the other yummy foods-

Kale Salad with Roasted Pumpkin, Cranberries and Goat Cheese
Kale Salad with Roasted Pumpkin, Cranberries and Goat Cheese 
I use butternut squash, raisins, goat cheese and almonds- I change it quite a bit but use the "idea" of the salad!

Monday night- 
In my desire to try to have meatless meals (for budget reasons and health reasons sometimes) throughout the week, I like to throw some falafels in there every now and then.
Easy Vegan Falafels

AMAZING Simple Vegan Falafel with 10 ingredients and no frying required! #vegan #healthy #dinner #recipe #minimalistbaker

Tuesday night-
Will use my normal Pork Carnitas recipe in the slow cooker- and will use
*corn tortillas
*simple guac- avocado, handful of cilantro chopped, juice of one lime (I like it "limey"), and Himalayan pink salt
*salsa verde
-and that is pretty much it- I am sure I will add some cheese to the kids' tacos; )

Wednesday night-
WE are getting to go to the circus tonight!! Woohoo! We have never taken the kids and our friend won some tickets and is taking us! Will keep it super simple- maybe will use this recipe but maybe just breakfast for dinner : ) They are pizza rolls from my latest Food Network magazine.

Thursday night-
Trying this from another blog I go to- Against All Grain-Hopefully it is a winner...anything with fig jam has got to be good???

Friday night- DATE NIGHT! The end. 

Here is a picture of the American Rice Breakfast Bowls I made last week and it was a winner for our house! 
This was actually the first time I had done sunny side up eggs for the kids so I wasn't sure if it would fly but I think they liked it? They ate it anyhow...
And these were the shrimp tacos from last week- WOULD TOTALLY do these again! These were both repeat soon dishes! 


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