Snacks for the Week!!!

We have our small group tonight at church and
THIS  Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins is what I am bringing for a snack (along with some popcorn). Eve and I are cooking these up right this moment- she is already sitting at the table waiting for a muffin to cool down enough for her to have one! She got her pink bowl out and her water and keeps asking "Are they done yet?" (over and over and over and any good toddler does : ) )

My theme of chocolate peanut butter snacks continues...

These are what we have prepped...

2 layer no bake peanut butter brownie bars

2 Layer PB Brownie Bars!

AND shocking- another chocolate snack---what we love (ahem..rather, what I love!)

Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding- I put mine in the blender in the morning because I am not a fan of the texture of just the chia seeds!

EASY 6 ingredient Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding! #vegan #glutenfree #chiapudding


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