Snacks for the Week

So, we still have 2-layer no-bake peanut butter brownie bars left over from last week-

No Bake PB Brownie Bars |

And making these for snacks/breakfast this week- who DOESN'T like the idea of cookies for breakfast?! My kids think they have hit jackpot!

Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cookies

1-Bowl HEALTHY Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cookies! Easy, naturally sweetened, super tender and nutritious! #vegan #glutenfree #breakfast #cookie #minimalistbaker #recipe

AND I volunteered to bring the Valentine's sweet snack for Luke's class celebration on Thursday, so we are making these tomorrow...

I am modifying this a little:
Ingredients- jumbo white marshmallows, melted Enjoy Life chocolate chips and red sprinkles- 
Probably VERY self-explanatory- place marshmallow on stick, melt chocolate in a bowl at 30 sec. intervals (in the microwave) and stir each time until completely melted, dip in chocolate, then in red sprinkles and voila! Kind of a non-recipe recipe!

I leave you with crazy Eve playing with her food : )


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