Atlanta Restaurant Review

So, usually every week we try a new restaurant with our without our kids- typically we head into Atlanta or stick close by.  It keeps our kids flexible with what we eat I think (hopefully) and it is a fun adventure to check out new areas.  Just thought I would share some of our "adventures" lately to remember where we have been and if you were interested in checking some out!

Tonight was our DATE NIGHT!
We headed to Common Quarter in East Cobb/Marietta.  Ben found the place and made reservations (we had a sitter) and off we went.
Let me say the reason we went is because they got the recognition for one of the best burgers in Atlanta, so needless to say, that is what Ben ordered.
The picture does not do it justice but Ben did not leave a crumb...he has had Holeman & Finch's burger, FLIP burgers, General Muir's best burger, etc...and he loved it. 

I got the seared line-caught tuna with butternut squash, brussel sprouts and mushrooms.  I practically licked the plate ; )

Next up, a few weeks ago we went to Ponce City Market. This was our third time we had been there and we took the kids and my sister with us. Luke got the burger from Holeman & Finch (and the fries)- which BTW was $9 total, so that is not going to happen again! (Sorry for the eyes closed photo Luke!)
Ben went to El Super Pan and got the Cubanito with yuca fries- 
My sister and I went to Marrakesh (recently opened there) and I got the lamb kebab plate with roasted seasoned cauliflower and moroccan carrot salad- I split my food with Eve- the meat was really flavorful and cauliflower was my fave! 

If you haven't been there, you can basically pick the food you want, pay for it and then find a seat together in the middle somewhere.  Just FYI- it is LOUD but fun.  There are also some "stand-alone" restaurants that you just go and eat in- you can't take your food elsewhere so there is that option as well! 
That is my wrap-up for now.  I will cover more of what we have been to lately in another post.  Meal plan for the week coming tomorrow...stay tuned.  


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