We are off!

No meal plan this week- Ben and I are flying out today with a team from our church (Stonebridge Church- Marietta) to Leon, Nicaragua.  We are going with Living Waters International to drill a well for clean water for the community.  Ben will be drilling and I will be doing health and hygiene lessons with the women and children.

These amazing people (my parents) came from Florida to spend the whole week with Luke and Eve.  I want to be like them when I grow up : ) Seriously, they love us and serve us well!

Here is a snapshot of snacks I bring with me typically - 

Okay so I actually put the sweet potato back- too heavy ; ) Some are in my suitcase and some are in my carry-on.  I have some Larabars as well and picked up some beef jerky from Whole Foods for Ben.  It is nice to have some things if I am having a hard time finding some good/filling snacks.  

Adios for now! I am going to miss these crazies! 

A little pre-birthday celebration before we left...My birthday is actually while we are gone! 


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