Weekly Meal Plan 6/4-6/10

A few fun eating out times- Ben and I got a date night one night and went to Bartaco- easily one of my favorite places.

This taco above is the crispy avocado one- it is not on the menu but the server told us about it- it is fried avocado (in rice flour)- y'all, I love it! 

This is me about to kiss my taco, it is so good. I should have just ordered 4 of these for my dinner- my tamale and corn were awesome as well though. 

My kids were at my parents for a few days and one of my fave things to do is go to lunch by myself and bring a book- some think it is weird but I am combining some of my fave things.  Eating + reading = happiness. La Duranguese for the win. (I brought my own kombucha- they don't sell it there).  Even if they did, I wouldn't know it because they don't speak any English in there : ) But probably they don't sell it ! 

I had the nopalitas gordita- they also stuff them with cheese and beans.  

On to meal planning! 

I am reeeeally trying this week to work with food we already have at the house and not go too crazy. Grilling has been our go-to lately, which I love since Ben is the griller in the house!

Saturday night-

We had a good friend/Ben's co-worker over for dinner tonight and it is always so much fun with him! He eats anything so I know I can basically make whatever and he is going to be game.  

We made Korean Flank Steak
Image result for picture of flank steak

Flank Steak - 
1-3 T. sesame seeds
1/4 c. salad oil 
1/2 c. soy sauce
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 t. pepper
1/2 t. ginger (scant) 
1/2 c. brown sugar (I will honey instead sometimes) 
2 green onions sliced (I don't always have these on hand and it is fine without them I think!) 

Place steak in a glass dish. Pour on marinade and let stand overnight in refrigerator- flip occasionally- 
Broil or BBQ 5. min each side- 

I typically marinate this for 24 hours if I can- but if you can't and it just marinates during the day- I think it is still really good!

I also made honey roasted carrots as a side. I just free-styled this- you can look up some recipes online and find some easy ones! 

Also, Baked Brie Brulee : ) 

One of my best friends got me this adorable brie baker, so I use it whenever I can! You don't need one though. 

My own creation- Serves 4
6 oz. brie (you will want to double this for more people) 
1 tbsp. sugar

Directions:- Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place brie in the baking dish of choice - if you don't use a brie baker dish, use a large ramekin. You are going to want to soften and melt the cheese a little and you don't want it to spread a ton.  Cut the rind off the top and the sides.  Bake brie for about 10 minutes.  I usually cover after and let it set up a little. THEN sprinkle about 1 tbsp of sugar on top and brulee it. I have a kitchen torch- you could use a lighter for candles?  The top gets all crunchy but then you have the melty brie underneath.  
Serve with crackers.  

AND then we have a bounty of blueberries from our blueberry bushes, so I made this Simple Blackberry Cobbler (gluten free if you want to) and just used my blueberries.  I also threw in some blackberries that I had bought.  

Sunday night- 

Having some friends over for dinner tonight as well : ) Keeping it simple with burgers- I am going to do regular beef burgers but then also these Basil Turkey Burgers.  I have made them before and they do not disappoint (if you are into turkey burgers).  
Basil Turkey Burgers

Serving with cut-up watermelon, chips and salsa/guac and a bag of frozen waffle cut fries ; ) Yup, since we love to entertain, there is no way I can keep up with making everything from scratch.  I rather enjoy people then stress about the food.  

Monday night- 

Serving with applesauce or some other fruit most likely...

Tuesday night- 

A friend and I are taking a meal to a friend who just had a baby-  we are doing the taco theme.  It is Tuesday after all! 
Sticking with Pork Carnitas
If you keep up with reading my blog, I kind of am obsessed with carnitas because I do make them all.the.time.  It is slow cooker and soooo easy, I just can't get away from these! 
Pork Carnitas

My friend is bringing rice and beans- we will bring all of the fixin's for tacos...lettuce, tomato, salsa, chips, etc...

Wednesday night- 

Pizza night! The kids were begging for a pizza night, so it will happen this week.  I use this 
Pizza Dough recipe and they just want cheese and pepperoni.  

Roll out the dough, cover with your favorite marinara sauce, cheese, toppings and bake at 425 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  

Thursday night- 

Pioneer Woman's Honey Soy Salmon recipe is sooooo good! 
I use tamari instead of soy sauce but other than that, I leave it mostly the same.  The kids love this one. 
Well, as much as a kid can love fish.  They will gladly eat it this way but don't sit down at the table and say "Yay, fish!"...


Will serve with brown rice and roasted broccoli.  

Friday night- 

Hmm....not sure. This will be either eat out or just breakfast for dinner or I don't know but after cooking this many nights in a row, I am assuming eating out! My parents are coming to stay with our kids for one week while Ben and I leave on Saturday for our missions trip to Nicaragua. We are excited! 

Have a great week! 


  1. My oven made a popping sound tonight.....I yelped and it just shut down. This is going to be a problem. I was 1/2 way thru a new bbq chicken pizza recipe...snarl.

  2. Oh no! What recipe were you using? I like Pioneer Woman's BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe. Yeah, oven out is a problem...thankfully you can do so much on the stovetop?


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