Weekly Meal Plan 7/12-7/17

I am in denial. From all of the trips we have taken and still at the end of our Pennsylvania/family visiting trip, I have loved a break from cooking but know I need to dive back in and "plan" since I am having a little get-together this week and I am taking a meal to a friend this week!

We have had such a fun time in Harrisburg, PA with Ben's family and I will put some pictures at the end of the post if you are interested! My FAVORITE meal here though has been a night that we went over to Rachel and Kish's house for dinner- and Kish made an amazing Mediterranean meal- y'all....2 kinds of hummus, an amazing kale salad (kale from their garden) with walnuts, real feta cheese, red onions, chicken, challah made by Rachel, falafel, an amazing rice dish, ...you get the picture...or if not here are some for REAL : ) pictures! It was a feast and we joined with their weekly Shabbat celebration.

Kish- the fab chef : ) 

Back to reality- womp womp. 

Here are some meals we had last week and then will move on to this week- 

*Gallopinto *
I made Nicaraguan rice + beans a.k.a. Gallopinto the week before we left and froze 1/2 of it, so I pulled it out of the freezer when we pulled back in. I am trying to have us eat rice and beans for one meal each week, so you will be seeing this A LOT : ) 

Gallopinto (Nicaraguan Rice and Beans)

*Heather Christo recipe* This one was so good!!! 
Chicken Teriyaki Salad- gluten free from HeatherChristo.com

*Pinch of Yum Blog*
The kids loved these as well- I used rice and brown millet noodles to serve this on top of. 
Banh Mi Bowls! A quick and easy meal featuring quinoa or rice topped with quick pickled carrots, herbs, peanuts, and easy lemongrass pork meatballs, all covered with spicy mayo. | pinchofyum.com

*Junk Salad Night*
In the mix- sweet potatoes, eggs, goat cheese, apples, chicken sausage and yes, tater tots- there are tater tots on there : ) Make it your own! 

About to meal plan for the next week...Hope this gives you some fun ideas! 

Some pictures from our trip to Pennsylvania...

Cousin time! Picked up Asher and went to the William Penn Museum in downtown Harrisburg. 

Checkers with Uncle Josh 

Found a bubble tea place- womp womp- not the same as my Tiny Bubbles at ALL! 

Luke and Mya-He LOVED being with her! 

Rode a boat down the Susquehanna River...

Ben and Shai (our nephew and Ben's mini-me from when he was a baby)

More Cousin Time! 

Celebrated Luke and Asher's August birthdays together : ) 

LOTS of wrestling with Uncle Josh!  

Ben and his "mom-mom"- she just turned 90 and she looks fabulous! 

A fun dinner with Ben's sister -Rebekah and her husband Andy- they are so much fun. Went to the Millworks in downtown Harrisburg and it was such a fun night! 

Ben's pizza! 

US Army Heritage Center- Carlisle

S'mores night.

The End. So long Harrisburg, PA.


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