I Love the Fall, Meals, Broken Leg and Canadian Thanksgiving!

So, this post is retroactive for this past week : )  I love the fall!

Our sweet Eve broke her leg a little over one week ago, so not much planning happened with meals but I am going to post what I just randomly made- it was all simple recipes, which is really what I want anyways! This is the night she had broken her leg and Ben and I were putting her to bed together- she had only started to smile a little that night...after medicine ; )

On to the meals! 
*Foodie with Family Blog*
I don't use the pancake portion but this dish is FALL IN A BOWL!  (or skillet)

*Fannetastic Food Blog*
Made with brussel sprouts (in a skillet with coconut oil and salt) and roasted potatoes...yum.

*Mostly Homemade Mom Blog*
Y'all! You have to make this if you like egg rolls at all! It was SO EASY- I cut down the amount of soy sauce (I used tamari) and served over a little bit of rice...definitely a repeat! 

*Apple of My Eye Blog*
I only use 1/8 cup of brown sugar and it was plenty sweet!
Served along with roasted carrots and broccoli! 

*Pioneer Woman* 
I was in a hurry and didn't get a pic of the apple pie and then it got consumed pretty fast soooo...here is Pioneer Woman's pic of her pie- it is called "dreamy" for a reason! 

Up Next....

We also got to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our friends! They are Canadian- not wannabe's (I don't know if I spelled that right) and I think this is the third year we have celebrated with them.  I love it because it starts me off in the fall with all of the yummy comfort/Thanksgiving food!
I made the apple pie that I posted up above I.use.every.year.

The ladies of the families! : ) 

Lastly, we have eaten more meals out as well- so, here is a round-up if you want to see some Atlanta/Marietta area restaurants...if not, have a great week! I need to meal plan for next week. Eeep.

Porch Light Latin Kitchen-Smyrna
We LOVE this place and with my parents here for a little bit, we got a lunch/coffee date and going here was a no-brainer- Ben loved his chicken...

I got the fish tacos- they switched to grilled grouper and it was just as good! 

True Food Kitchen- Atlanta/Lenox Mall
Went to celebrate a dear friend's birthday and it was good as always- have been here a few times before as well ; ) 

Kale guacamole! 

I got the garden veggie scramble with sausage- amazing veggies--butternut squash, mushrooms, bok choy, carrots I think....had some cheese on top so that makes everything better! 

Taqueria Tsunami
Went to the Marietta Square for yet another fall festival they have and this is an easy restaurant to pop into...tacos with yucca fries- my fave kind of meal. 

Chicken and the Egg- Marietta
One night my mom and I took Eve to dinner and my mom suggested here- they rolled out their fall menu- mine with short rib with gouda grits and green beans and gouda grits....gouda grits- the best part! 

Last but not least- another favorite- I guess we didn't try anything new lately but I love our "regular " places we like. Ben and I got a date last night and were planning on going one place but THE TRAFFIC! So, we changed plans and headed to Bartaco- this time we got the small tray- which was MORE than enough food- we got duck tacos, sesame rib eye beef tacos, pork belly tacos, mushroom tamale, pork tamale, corn, slaw and guacamole....

That's it! 


  1. I do not feel that kale and guacamole should share the same sentence.

    1. Hardee har- actually, I prefer my guac without kale as well !!!

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