Meals + My Breakfast Obsession lately

Another retroactive meal post- I can't seem to completely get ahead with this area, so here are meals we had this past week---With Eve still in her pink, glittery cast- I don't have a ton of time since she is a little extra "needy" right now ; ) BUT my parents came to help and save my sanity since Ben was gone all last week in California for work.
AND, then we get to leave this Wednesday to celebrate our 11 year anniversary while my sweet parents stay with our kids! Woot!

Here is my fave breakfast lately- scroll down past the regular recipes for what I use for REALLY SIMPLE soaked overnight oats.

Here we go-

Pumpkin Enchiladas
*Tasty Kitchen Blog*
I have made this one a few times now and it is a winner!! One time, I didn't have pumpkin (poor grocery list planning) and my neighbor suggested sweet potato. Yes! So, I cooked a sweet potato and pureed/mashed it and just replaced it for the pumpkin and it was still great!

*Food + Wine* 
It may stink your house up- the sauerkraut part but soooo good. I get my sauerkraut from Trader Joes as well as my Bavarian Bratwurst- 

*Foodie with Family Blog*
Yes, I make this one so much because it is so darn simple- I added roasted sweet potatoes a little bit back and it was delish. I don't use the pancake part but I am sure that is good! 

So, this won't be helpful but I have been making the Beef Stroganoff from Danielle Walker's Meals Made Simple Cookbook- Because she is pretty restrictive with sharing certain recipes online versus her cookbook, I am respecting that and I don't want to get in trouble : ) I am a rule follower- But I love her cookbooks- 
It is a dairy free one- you make a cashew cream and my kids gobble it down (and us too) -
^That one is mine over sauteed brussel sprouts ^

^This is Ben and the kid's servings over egg noodles^
So, the pics don't look super appetizing but it really is! 

*Melissa d'Arabian*
I am a creature of habit sometimes and this one is no different. Can't stop with this recipe---made it with rice and beans... I don't use the jalapenos and I don't put it in the skillet at the end because well, I am lazy. Yummy still. 

AND have been making muffins/easy to grab breakfast items esp with my parents here- found this recipe and it was good! 
*Food For My Family Blog*
This was pre-"swirl"- I am not good at the "swirl" but not too bad! 

Final result! 

Breakfast Obsession lately- 
I know there are a million soaked oatmeal recipes, but this is what I do on my own! 
*1/2 cup oats* 1/2 cup water* 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk* cinnamon * a little Stevia *
Just mix all in a bowl and place in fridge overnight- 

I eat it straight up like this- with 1 cup of mixed fruit on the top and bacon, because well, bacon. 

Last part- FUN TIMES! 
If you ever plan on going to Chattanooga, TN- I just went last weekend for a girls day trip and it was so lovely. The places we ate at...

Milk + Honey
A fun breakfast/lunch place- 
This was a sausage hash that I had! 
Taco Mamacitas
So good and reasonably priced! 
NOT a great pic-but I had the gyro taco + korean beef taco with sweet potato fries! 

Such a fun and beautiful day! 


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