Food Gift Ideas from a Non-Crafty Person!

So, I love to cook and bake- obviously. When this time of year rolls around I LOVE giving the gift of food.  Here are a few ideas and I may add on some later-

Since this time of year we get so many sweets- not complaining AT ALL- I like to give something that helps the kids teachers during their mornings.  Enter granola.  I drove myself to the dollar store, got these little glass containers, made granola with the kids, AND included the recipe.  People, I am not crafty.  This is doable.  Well, I love food, so doable for me.

Small Batch Granola
*Joy the Baker Blog*
This is gluten free/vegan/dairy-free!

*Imma Eat That Blog*
Gluten free (oats)/dairy free (Enjoy Life chocolate chips- I added : )/vegan
ALSO, feel free to substitute out any nut butter! 

This next one has ALL the gluten, dairy, etc....- IT IS SO GOOD and I have used it year after year after year---

*All Recipes*
MAKE sure you read before- the dough needs to rest in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours- just don't want you to think you can do it all in a jiffy!

Some neighbor buddies helped cut out the cookies! 

Other neighbor buddies helped ice/decorate...

Note Eve's cookie under the mound of icing (the white)- I think there is a cookie somewhere under there! 

This next bread recipe is a WINNER!!! I have made so many gluten free breads and they are all kind of okay- NOT THIS ONE.  I used Bob's Red Mill flour- and I used raisins instead of cranberries- 
*Heather Christo Blog* 
Gluten free/vegan/dairy-free-
I didn't use the powdered sugar on top but I am sure that would be amazing. 

Breakfast one morning- turkey sausage, cherries and nut butter on a slice of the bread!

That's all for now! Will post more ideas later- I have made a loaf of bread and given that as a gift before- or cut in slices and given to a few different people.  


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