Random Eats + Recipes As of Late!

These past few weeks have been so all over the place, I have had some very loose meal plans going on.  Honestly, I focus on a protein and sides and it is not super complicated when I can think about it like that...

Here we go!

This one was one that was complicated but we all love sushi- it is worth a shot if you love it : )

How to Make Sushi Rice is what I follow to get the rice right- and then I prepped all ingredients- 
*sliced cucumber
*sliced avocado
*crab meat
*seaweed/nori sheets- 
And then I followed how to roll sushi tutorial.  I have done it before but always need a reminder! 
It takes some time and mine don't look awesome but it worked! 

Bratwurst with Butternut Squash + Gnocchi
So, our world has been opened to Patak Meats- in Powder Springs- the line was CRAZY but the meat is worth it- This is their bratwurst, which I grilled in the grill pan- 
*Roasted Butternut Squash- Peel + cube butternut squash, toss with a little olive oil + salt and bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes. 
Followed ^ recipe, except I bought gluten free gnocchi- didn't make the gnocchi from scratch! 

German Feast! 
On Christmas Day, my family always makes a German Feast- I lived there for 6 years growing up and we visit Germany every other year with the kids (we are going this May for 2 weeks!) so we heart German food! 
Pork Schnitzel Recipe- You can use gluten free breadcrumbs if you like and coat in oat flour? or a gluten free flour- 
And spatzle- I actually have a spatzle maker- these are egg noodles basically- I will have to show how at some point. But you drop your batter in boiling water and they cook within 1-2 minutes! Then pan fry them in some butter. 

My go-to breakfast casserole on Christmas Day morning! 
I actually didn't have hash browns, so I shredded a sweet potato instead and it was super yummy that way- with just straight up shredded sweet potato. And I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream. 

Except I didn't use noodles and made it more into a salad- I felt lazy and didn't want to make noodles...Anywho, delish. The DRESSING alone. I am a peanut butter lover so this is so up my alley. I could drink the dressing. That probably sounds gross. Obviously I loved it. All.the.flavors. Oh! And I added mango, because I had some and I felt like it. Not a great pic. Carry on. 

Another winner- 
I made the recipe into two individual pizza crusts- 
*sauteed some onions*cooked some sausage*used a little mozzarella cheese*

There you have it! 
I will post below a few places we tried to eat around Atlanta! My parents take the kids at their house in Florida every year in December- we get 4-5 glorious days at home by ourselves. I miss them, don't get me wrong but the peace and quiet is amazing.  AND we got some fun dates out! 

Keep scrolling if you are interested! 
Dark picture BUT a fab meal! 
We were meeting up with friends at Two Birds Taphouse in Marietta for a double date but it.was.crazy. I mean insane. There was no way we were going to get a table so we decided to check out MacCracken's Irish Pub. I was skeptical. But I got the Bangers and Mash and the sausage. I think I talked about the sausage the rest of the night.  The best was being with our friends! We had a blast!  

Met up with my sweet friend Tracy at Canvas for breakfast- didn't get a picture of that but we did go down to Doughnut Dollies and a friend who happened to be there ahead of us paid for our doughnuts, which was a surprise.  A pay it forward, which made my day! 

Folk Art- Inman Park
Such a fun/funky place! 

Lamb Kofta with sauteed veggies + cucumber/avocado salad! 

This one was Ben's...I forgot what he got- Some Banh Mi sandwich spin off- he ate every single bite...

This place was in Fernandina Beach, FL (where my parents live)- Sabbia- a Mediterranean place- 
Kale Cobb Salad. 

Back in Atlanta- Antico Pizza
We take the kids here every year during the week after Christmas. One pizza does not cut it for us anymore! We really needed two. There may have been some arguments amongst all of us fighting for pieces of pizza. Happy times. 

Last but not least- A bubble tea date with my little guy! The line was insane. Tiny Bubbles! 


  1. you lost me at mango for the Thai noodle salad, but I regrouped with the 2 words peanut butter.

  2. you lost me at mango for the Thai noodle salad, but I regrouped with the 2 words peanut butter.


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