Life Lately- My 4 year old Eve!

Life is flying by- just like everyone with kids always tells you! Every mom says the same thing, but I seriously cannot believe Eve is turning 4 today! She was much prayed for, a miracle and after a significant post partum struggle (on my part!)- she is such a delight. Overall, she is sweet and kind and usually quick to ask for forgiveness BUT/AND lately asserting herself and making her voice heard! She needs to with her outspoken/strong leadership type/possibly argumentative brother ; ) 
She loves : * ballet * her friends * cooking * anything crafty * dressing up as a princess or ballerina *
* family * bubble tea (like her mama) * tea time *

Celebrating- okay so we have celebrated a ton : ) That is how we roll for birthdays- but also low-key as well. 

Birthday Tea #1 with girlfriends at The Vineyard
Soooo cute! These girls did great and enjoyed the tea! 

Group friend hug! 

Birthday Tea #2 with family at Tea Leaves and Thyme in Woodstock, GA

Luke being a good sport! 

Birthday breakfast---
*Joy the Baker Blog*
These are not healthy in any way shape or form! These were her birthday breakfast request...

Hot dogs for lunch is what she wanted! 

Nails done! 

Lastly, strawberry cake was the dessert request! 
This is from Danielle Walker's newest cookbook- Celebrations

Happy Birthday Eve!!! 

*Side Note* This stand at the Marietta Farmer's Market is the best! I am so glad they are there now...Ben is under the weather, so I have been having him drink this (and I have too)! 

We loved this place for a date night this weekend- great prices.  

How cute is this???

Vietnamese Iced Coffee...

The PHO!!!! 


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