Waaaay Behind!

So, life has been busy- like normal but once I get out of a rhythm it is hard to get back in it...Here we go....LOTS of recipes- gluten free and non-gluten free. We have had lots of visitors so I just adapt to who we are with to try to cook for what they like + need!

Starting with ALL of the baking...
Chocolate Avocado Bread- Vegan + Gluten Free
*Heather Christo Blog*

Made these today to take a meal to someone- these completed the meal! 

*Heather Christo Blog*
-instead of cranberries, I used raisins-

These are full of gluten : ) and have been my go-to recipe for a looooong time- 
*Eat Live Run Blog*
-you can really make these your own!- I used these to take a meal to someone else- hence the sign for Ben and the kids- I was letting them cool and had to leave the house and was worried they would feel free to dig in! 

*Smashed Peas and Carrots Blog* 
These were eaten so fast & taken to friends so I didn't get a picture of the ones I made! 

On to the MEALS!!! 
So, I LOVE to take people meals- But, I signed up for one meal per week for the LAST FIVE WEEKS- I am officially taking a break ; ) -probably just for one week. To make it easy on us, I just make Against All Grain- Shortcut Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Green Beans and either muffins or bread-  I have just doubled up and therefore WE have been eating spaghetti once each week.  But it is a crowd pleaser, but I am a little burnt out on spaghetti! 

Eve helping prep the green beans!

Thai Beef Bowls
*How Sweet Eats Blog*
THESE ARE SO GOOD! And you can customize your bowl.  Made this when my parents were visiting and it was a hit...well, not with Luke.  But Eve gobbled hers down.  You win some, you lose some.

We love curry- this recipe is fine but I am not in love. If you have a panang curry recipe you love, please send it my way! But everyone in the family liked it. 

*All Recipes*
I don't use Bob Evans brand- feel free to use whatever sausage you like ! Baguette optional ; ) 

*Heather Christo Blog*
-I would use chicken thighs but the sauce is delish-
Served with rice and roasted veggies! 

So, this is a terrible picture- Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps
*Williams Sonoma catalog/magazine*
It was good! I saw this and tore it out--I also made the Curried Cashews- these are super good.

These are the meals that stuck out in my mind- besides the above, LOTS of breakfast for dinner, throwing together big salads and going out to eat! 
Hope this gives you some good ideas! 

Here is a little of life lately- 

Double Date Night at Tasty China, Marietta- it was an experience for sure - they give an obscene amount of food!!! We had leftovers for daysssss. 

Afterwards, Ben and I hit up Schoolhouse Brewing - Ben had the flight of beer, I had the kombucha! Win! 

PSA! Marietta people- GO TO Chicken and the Egg on Thursday nights- it is a 2 for $25 night- you get an entree (the brussel sprouts were amazing), two entrees and two desserts! I got the Salmon with hash (brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, apples...)

I was sick one weekend and I didn't want to make food or get up to do much, so I asked Ben to get me some "pho" from House of Lu on the Marietta Square *sigh* it was what I needed! 

Out to celebrate Jen's birthday! Went to Burger Fi- the.fries. It was hard to stop eating them. I asked for a lettuce wrap for my burger.  

I picked up doughnuts from Doughnut Dollies for dessert! 

Thaicoon- always a favorite.  I have a hard time ordering anything except the green curry.  If they bottled up this sauce, I would buy it! 

Ben's dad visited us and we had to take him to Antico Pizza in Atlanta- he loved it! 

His dad LOVES Dave Poe's BBQ, so we had to make a trip there of course! Beef brisket for the win. 

Enjoy your week! 


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