Spring is Coming? and Meals!

Favorite dish of the week- cinnamon rolls! Saturday morning felt like a cinnamon roll kind of morning, and these were awesome! 

They are gluten free/vegan- just a heads up but a good substitute for the real deal : ) 
Made some bacon, soft boiled eggs and a side of fruit- I love leisurely Saturday mornings! 

Okay- now for the meals of the week! 

Going basic, but yummy with build your own taco bowl night...
I used a different pork tenderloin recipe, and honestly I didn't love it, so I am going to just put the link for my favorite Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Recipe
*Serve with avocado
*tortilla chips
*cilantro and lime rice - after rice is done cooking, I use the juice from 1 lime + about 1-2 tbsp of cilantro + 1/2 tbps of butter and mix! 
*sauteed peppers + onions- heat skillet to medium heat- add 1 tbsp of olive oil- add sliced pepper and onion and cook until soft and caramelized

Easy and go make this this week! Gingery Broccoli and Mushroom Beef Stir Fry-
EXCEPT obviously I used green beans instead of broccoli- my family prefers green beans and although I LOVE me some broccoli, I throw them a bone sometimes : ) 

This dish was actually cooked by Ben! Say it is a Friday afternoon/evening, and I was over cooking for the week- DONE.  Ben offered to make it- Ben doesn't cook soooo...I set him up for the most part, but he did it and assembled and cooked everything.  I actually walked in the door and dinner was ready for me- that.never.happens. One happy wife.  Ben can make this people! 
*We used plain yogurt instead of sour cream*
Okay, so this one is not pretty to photograph either : / But yummy. 

One night was breakfast for dinner- 
Made a loaf of Spiced Zucchini Bread   *Heather Christo Blog*
and just made eggs + bacon- then served with some fruit! 

Okay so haven't made this one yet, but going to make it this week! I can't vouch for it, but it looks great! I don't love tomatoes though so won't add those...

*Heather Christo Blog*

Oh ! I almost forgot- these are not healthy in anyway shape or form but made Pioneer Woman's Monster Cookies  this week- this makes a TON so you can do a random act of kindness and make some for yourself and take some to someone just because this week ; ) 

OR freeze them and save them for another night!

Please please let me know any meal ideas you have! I am always looking for more and easy! 
Have a great week!

Life lately--- Spring is coming? Our weather is so crazy- crazy warm one day and then this week- we will have lows in the 20s...whaaat? I guess it is like that many places right now- 

Lunch with a dear friend mid-week at Thaicoon- I cannot stop ordering the green curry- I just can't! 

Signs of spring- I love all.the.colors! 

The end of a good homeschool day calls for bubble tea : ) 

Eve can't be bothered to look at the camera- I was interrupting her bubble tea sip. 

This is what Eve wears regularly- fashionista?

Another splurge- Doughnut Dollies- this one is the "Mikey"- an eclair like doughnut with espresso cream in the middle- Luke does NOT need espresso- a whole piece of bacon on top.  I am a kill joy and I let him have half : ) we still had more homeschool that day...I can't deal with a sugared up child to teach. I just can't. 

SO, we finally went to Stone Mountain- yes, we have lived in Georgia for 6 years and we haven't been yet! I loved it! Beautiful day and beautiful views. 

Ben is a rock star and carried Eve- there is no way she would have made it up- the top was a crazy amount of up.  So, yes, we were carrying our 4 year old in a hiking backpack= way less complaining! 

German restaurant in Stone Mountain- Village Corner
We ordered the sausage sampler/platter- as my sister said, "For the love of meat!"

Enjoy the crazy weather we have! 


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