Bake Sale Recipes!

I thought I would post the recipes we used for the bake sale the other day- We definitely had some lessons learned with amounts to make and then learning what people like better !

It was such a great experience for the kids, especially Luke, who really helped bake and set-up and took ownership of the whole thing! A lot of money was raised for the well in Guatemala.  Ben is going in October and leading a team from our church to dig a well for clean water and it was a GREAT way to get the kids involved!

First up-
Loaded Oatmeal Cookies
*Eat Live Run Blog*
I cannot tell you how many times we have made these and they are consistently yummy- never any issues and I fiddle with what I mix in a bunch! These I didn't add any nuts...

*Joy the Baker Blog* 
This is highly customizable (is that a word?) as well! I added in cashews at the end instead of almonds and then also added raisins this time...

*Cookies and Cups Blog* 
A hit with the kids of course---and maybe some adults ; ) 

(they are way in the back there) 

 Next, Dark Chocolate Brownies...lots of decadence in there because they are Pioneer Woman's recipe! 

---I had to make another batch though because I accidentally told Luke to add one stick of butter but it needs TWO sticks of butter---

For the gluten free and vegan people, I wanted to have a few things- 
My fave, Cranberry Applesauce Bread  vegan and gluten free
*Heather Christo Blog*
-but instead of cranberries, I always use raisins : ) 

A fun new one I tried was these Cashew Cream Tarts *Chocolate Covered Katie Blog*
Gluten free + vegan! 

So cute!!!

My favorite part of the bake sale, was a sweet friend offered to bake something for it and I said ummmm....yes! Because all.of.the.baking + the dishes!!! So, she baked banana chocolate chip muffins and a gluten free version as well. So kind! 

It was suuuuper chilly in the morning when we set-up - not summer weather! 

If you were interested in donating to the is the link! 

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Lastly, Eve and I went to the Marietta Farmers Market this morning and ended up with these...

At first I thought, this is many strawberries! And then I thought, oh my gosh, this is a lot of strawberries, I don't need this many.  The deal was 2 for $20 and you literally could grab 2 buckets. We ran into our good friends there and they bought one of the buckets off of us...hallelujah! 
So, tonight we made Vegan Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream  from *the Kitchn Blog* 

It is SO DELICIOUS!!! The recipe uses coconut milk as the base of the recipe...we all just ate our fair share of strawberry ice cream and we have plenty more!!! And plenty more strawberries...what to do with more strawberries??? Ideas???

Happy Memorial Day!!!! 


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