Simple Meals for the Week + Life Lately

I am sure it has been for you too! We had a blast at Thanksgiving, have been hosting lots of people for meals, Ben has been traveling for work so I didn't cook much at all...this is a "normal" week coming up so here we go!

A selfie while watching Home Alone during our family movie night...

Lamb Meatballs + Spiced Curried Rice
A new one of mine that I finally wrote down and took some pictures- in the evening- the worst lighting but gotta do it when I have time and that was when it happened this last time!

Egg Roll in a Bowl
*Mostly Homemade Mom Blog*
Can't stop with this recipe- SO EASY! 
Will make some rice to serve over for the family and I will just eat it straight up most likely. 
Eggroll in a bowl recipe

*How Sweet It Is Blog*
Another 30 minute or less meal! 

salmon with thai curry peanut sauce and coconut cilantro rice I

*Heather Christo Blog*
With the "heavier" food lately, wanting some lighter and brighter tasting tacos- these won't disappoint! 

Citrus Grilled Fish Tacos with Citrus Slaw and Creamy Orange Cashew Sauce from Heather Christo

Going to a church "Family Dinner" and I signed up to bring a side dish- I haven't done this one in awhile but it is really good!!! 
*Giada deLaurentiis*

There you have it! Have a great week and I hope that you are enjoying all that December brings! 

Below are some pictures from life lately if you are interested...

HIGHLIGHT!!!! Meeting Tim Tebow! 

Dark picture but dinner with my girls!- Thaicoon

Getting and decorating our Christmas tree! 

Bubble tea- need I say more ??

Pioneer Woman's Dreamy Apple Pie! 

Appetizers on Thanksgiving Day...

Trying some gluten free/vegan pumpkin scones- pretty good! They need the glaze though : ) 

Hubba Hubba BBQ in N.C.

FALL- my fave time of the year- We take the kids to get hot chocolate and go around and stop and take pictures of any beautiful tree we see. 

Friends dinner with my friend Tracy making an AMAZING carrot cake! 

Chick Fil A backstage tour- home office. So worth it! 

Fundraiser/Date Night for Rayo de Sol (look them up ; )- at Monday Night Brewing/Atlanta

Roasting marshmallows with friends- LOVE these two girls. 

The most wonderful time of the year...


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