Spring Break! - and Salads

So so excited about spring break this week! We are not going anywhere and just hanging out with friends and relaxing and I am super excited about this.  We started off strong with a fun weekend and enjoying lots of outside---and all.the.pollen as well : /

Hiking with friends! 

I LOVE salads and it is nice to not turn on the oven as much- so here are some salad ideas- sorry if you are not a salad lover! See ya next week if that is the case : ) 

*Fit Foodie Finds* 
Because I am crazy about goat cheese, will use goat cheese instead of feta! 

*How Sweet Eats Blog*

*Heather Christo Blog* 
Won't use the jalapeno and will use flank steak instead! 

As always, build your own salad- 
*Base*- any lettuce and throw some fresh herbs in there too
*Protein* - bacon, deli meat, grilled chicken, etc...
*Veggies- cooked or raw- I like a mix for different textures
*Seeds/Nuts- sunflower seeds, chopped up pecans, almonds...
*Cheese - if you want- my preference is goat cheese
*Dressing- there are many many easy to make at home recipes- 
Here is the balsamic vinaigrette one that I use! 

These are some that I have made before- in the mix, berries, avocado, bacon, pistachios- 

Another- green beans, roasted carrots, sausage, avocado...

And one with a rice/brown rice base...
*Edible Perspective Blog*

A few things we made last week- 
I had bought some ground lamb on sale and happened to have the rest of the ingredients-

*Damn Delicious Blog*

Okay, so a terrible pictures but the salmon was delicious- I put it on salad and had some roasted butternut squash and I put some goat cheese on before I served it! 

Took a friend a meal who just had a baby, so I used my go-to Pork Carnitas recipe- 
Also brought with *black beans and rice*homemade guac* chips + salsa- 

I need to get the recipe, but a friend brought me dinner at flag football this past week! Bringing me food= speaking my love language : ) It was a yummy quinoa based dish with lots of veggies and a vinaigrette. 

My fave thing this past week was serving at Rise Against Hunger with Luke's school- I love anytime the kids can be involved in giving to others and serving. I am so glad they organized this! 

Each packet had a scoop of soy protein, dehydrated veggies and rice- then we weighed them, sealed them up and packed them in the boxes.  They weren't sure where this delivery was going yet, but the previous one went to Zambia. 

Love this picture- (I made Luke hold her hand)! 

The dads bringing up the rear- the sky was such a beautiful blue today! 

We ended up at Sam's BBQ for dinner with our friends- I felt like I was betraying Dave Poe's but it was yummy still. 

Happy Spring Break- if you have it this week! 


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